Now we connect to Magento 2! Orders automatically filled in SubCloud!

Every order you get in Magento 2 automatically gets filled in Subclould.  Saving you time and efford.  

Our cloud solution now has more to offer!

We have recently added more features to our software.  All these features are available to all our clients.  No matter what plan they're on.  Here is a list of some:


  • Email Integration - You can setup your existing email and send emails directly to your clients, prospects or vendors.
  • File attachments to products.  Besides pictures now you can attach instruction manuals, warranty document, certificates and more to each of your product.
  • Multi-price levels.  Each product can have multiple selling prices.  Each client can be assigned a different price level
  • New Point of Sale / Quick sale module
  • Bar Code scanner / printer
  • Sales / product margins


Magento 2 Hassle free online store - mission possible

To have a powerful and working online store built on the newest versions of Magento 2 is possible.  All you need is help with backups, updates, installing modules and themes and updating them, speed optimization, product imports, fixing errors and bugs, hosting issues, etc. So you can actually focus on what matters most - business, products and sales.  Well, good news is we can help!