If you spend more than 5 hours weekly working on your Magento 2, don’t you think it is better to invest this time in your business instead!

I  Analyze Magento 2 - discover possible problems and suggest solutions

When your Magento 2 store experiences difficulties we are here to help.  The principle step in optimizing a web store is data collection and analysis.  Here are some tips to get you started and if you cannot do it yourself we will be glad to help.

  • Slow loading or not loading at all. Take a look at our speed tests
  • Errors - check logs and reports at var/log or var/report
  • Update errors - update modules before updating magento version
  • Security problems - firewalls, captcha, admin url
  • Visualization problems - deployment of static content, file permissions, java, css, images, etc.

Our analysis and services include:

  • Server and DataBase settings and optimization
  • Magento settings and optimization
  • File system and permissions.  Static content deployment
  • Speed analysis and suggestions
  • Clean Up and Backup.  Set up an automatic log cleaning and backup schedule. 
  • General Suggestions
  • Module and Theme installations and removal
  • Updating magento to a newer version
  • Product import / export
  • Cleanup of unused product images 


Magento Analysis 

II Magento SEO and Marketing analysis and improvements 

If you’re not happy with your sales and want to improve in SEO, FB ads, Google Adwords, Facebook Pixel, Google Tag Manager, Email Marketing etc.

  • We will analyze your site and suggest settings, modules and improvements.
  • Landing Page optimization
  • Content optimization
  • Website performance
  • Online Marketing ( SEO, paid marketing strategy, e-mail marketing, social media marketing )

III Magento maintenance 

If you own a working Magento site and need someone to maintain it hassle free, you can turn to us.  We will offer you a monthly package that answers your needs.  Send us a note, describing your store and the problems you're facing.  We will make you an offer for odit and maintenance.

Please contact us 

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