Product Import Module for Magento 2 - resizes bigger images - Command Mode - cron import

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Command line bulk product import module importing images and any additional attributes.  Can be setup as cron job to import products on schedule.  Resizes pictures to reasonable size ~ 1000 x 1000 if they are too large.

This module addresses the following problems with Magento 2 import:

  • Does not create duplicate images for existing products in Magento pub/media/catalog/product (Only quantity and price are updated for existing products).
  • Decreases image size for large images while still keeps image quality good.
  • No need to run the bellow command to make images visible after import.
    • php bin/magento catalog:images:resize 
  • Imports additional attributes if they are present in CSV and in the product attribute set that is being imported (attribute name of csv column must match attribute name in magento)
  • Some problems with URLs after importing are fixed
  • Categories are not created on import.  If category specified in CSV is not found, product is imported without being placed in specific cateogry.

Must Do

  1. Install module by placing it in app/code folder of Magento

    php bin/magento setup:upgrade

    php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

  2. Create a folder magento-root/pub/media/catalog/uploaded  - will be used as temporary storage for uploaded images
  3. To run the script you need to execute the following command: php bin/magento importproducts:import var/importexport/importfile.csv

To setup cron job to import products automatically enter the following command to the crontab

0 1 * * * php magento_home_directory/bin/magento importproducts:import magento_home_directory/var/importexport/importfile.csv

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