Every business sells a product or a service.  To succeed, you need to have good product or service and skills and means to sell it.  A good ERP software can help you with the second part - selling the product or service.  

Advantages of using a cloud solution vs buying software or taking a free one.  

  1. No large initial investment and flexible monthly payments based on needs.  Buying software can be costly.  Localizing and modifying according to someone's needs even more costly.  Maintenance, backups, hosting / infrastructure can add up to your costs.
  2. Cloud solutions are following industries best practices.  Following the business model that is embedded in the software will most likely improve your efficiency.
  3. Cloud solutions are scalable - as your business needs grow so can your software.  

Some of the important characteristics of a good ERP / CRM solution

  1. Software that keeps information about all your products.  Names, descriptions, pictures, user manuals, pricing, margins, inventory, etc.  A business must have all the necessary information about products and services.  Products should be flexible - you should be able to add any additional information about your products - colors, sizes, weight, materials, etc.  Locations, warehouses, expiry date, lots, and much more.
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